Skills Development in Action

We’ve been on the road for 10 days, on the annual Skills Development Workshop Tour. Check out the map below and see where we’ve been so far!  

The tour takes in 47 workshops and covers 52 towns and 96 schools in North-West NSW. We’re overwhelmed with the encouragement and positivity in the communities we are visiting. On the road, we’ve seen the amazing energy and eagerness that all children have for our program.

One of our key goals is to engage more high school candidates and grow our MAXed OUT Company. It’s at high school  when children welcome a positive reinforcement about the amazing potential of their life, and the many many possibilities that are open for them, just the way they are. If you can consider a contribution, please DONATE. Every little bit helps! 

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates will be notified by 1 June about participation in this year’s program.

The 2017 Skills Development Workshop Team are: Michelle Leonard OAM, Artistic Director, Dayle Murray, General Manager, Annie Berrell, Primary School Moorambilla Mum, Karen Saunders, High School Moorambilla Mum, Pete Thompson, Moorambilla Voices Dad, Taina Savage, Regional Dance Intern, Noni Carroll, Photographer in Residence.

Our photographer in residence Noni Carroll, Christopher McHughes from Burra Mac Photography Brewarrina, interns Tainga Savage, Ethan Day, and Chantae Eyre shot the first tour, which was then backed up by Noni on the road with the Skills Workshops.

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Skills Development Workshops 2017

Our Artistic Director Michelle Leonard OAM can’t wait to meet all the amazing children in the Skills Development Workshops for 2017.  Michelle and the team will be facilitating 47 workshops covering 52 towns and 96 schools in the remote region of north-west NSW, starting in Gilgandra on Wednesday 26 April (following ANZAC Day), and then hitting the road again on 15 May and finishing on 31 May.

Everyone is invited to take part, including all teachers! Click HERE for all the info – you only need to attend ONE workshop for your BOSTES accreditation. 

Download the Moorambilla Tour Schedule 2017 UPDATED!

We’re proud to assist young people to develop professional pathways into creative fields. Four photographers, led by photographer in residence Noni Carroll,  recently travelled across the region to launch our 17 Message Sticks: 17 Communities theme.

The young sharp shooters were Christopher McHughes from Burra Mac Photography Brewarrina, interns Tainga Savage, Ethan Day, and Chantae Eyre. Here’s a taste of their amazing work in one of our 17 COMMUNITIES: BOURKE!  We look forward to sharing more photographs across all our events, tours and performances this year. 


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17 Message Sticks: 17 Communities

Moorambilla Voices in 2017 is about unearthing the stories of our region with “17 Message Sticks: 17 Communities”.

We’re excited to prepare for our NEW SCHEDULE for Moorambilla Skills Workshops 2017!

The workshops tour starts on Wednesday 26 April (following ANZAC Day), and finishes on Wednesday 31 May. Read all about it here!

Yes! Our Artistic Director Michelle Leonard OAM will be touring across the region, with 96 schools invited to attend a massive 47 workshops in 52 towns.

Come to school and come along!  All workshops are FREE and all children at the school on that day are welcome to attend. You only need to attend ONE WORKSHOP.

Yes! SCHOOLS: Download the full  NEW SCHEDULE Moorambilla Skills Workshops 2017!

Yes! TEACHERS: we’re excited to be part of the BOSTES teacher accreditation scheme through the NSW Department of Education. Check out the registration details here! You only need to attend ONE WORKSHOP!

Throughout the year, we’ll be unfolding what it means to live in our region, focussing on 17 communities, with specially commissioned music and performance, dance and choreography, stunning photography, sculpture, exhibitions, stories, narrative journeys and more!

We are creating the first Australian-made taiko ensemble ever! And we’re donating it to the region! We’ve secured funding to build from scratch a stunning large-scale ensemble of Australian-made taiko drums for the region’s youth to play in performances that speak of the rich cultural legacy and capacity of rural Australia. Watch out for them in August!

We’re immersing ourselves in Gundabooka, near Bourke, in July, to discover, uncover and bring to life the stories and landscape of that region in music, dance and visual art. This immersion is facilitated by Phillip Sullivan in partnership with NSW NPWS

We’re recording! With the next generation of graduates from ANAM and our wonderful friends at AWO we are getting into the studio to record some new Australian Christmas carols in July for you!

We’re getting together in Baradine in August and then again in September to sing, sing and sing! And we will rehearse, learn, dance and build light sculptures!

We’re performing, not two, but three concerts at Dubbo Theatre this year in September 23 and 24, 2017.

We’re celebrating the region’s amazing creativity at Studio MV, a new space for a series of exhibitions, performances and creativity in Sydney. Clive Live was sensational on March 16-18! Next we present stunning watercolours by Tracey Loughlin, Sydney, and Annie Murray, Walgett, opening from April 13.

We are sharing our exceptional resources with researchers and educators. As a recognised publisher of online material of national interest developed from our program, we have been asked to contribute to the Pandora Archive at the National Library of Australia – forever keeping our achievements alive. WOW!

Artwork: Burnt wood emu callers, Peter Gordon, Brewarrina, 2006.
Photography: Noni Carroll.

Moorambilla Voices ring in the Christmas season


The sound of angelic voices singing Christmas carols soared across the city as Moorambilla Voices sang in the Christmas season at the Martin Place Christmas Tree Concert! We were joined on stage by Megan Washington, Taylor Henderson, Casey Donovan and MCs Mark Ferguson and Samantha Armytage from Channel Seven. A total of 53 children travelled from all over regional NSW to take part in the City of Sydney Concert, supported by Royal Far West in Manly.

Looking for Christmas stocking fillers? Buy a Moorambilla Calendar and Baseball Cap and support our program of creative opportunities for all talented children from the far west of NSW – not matter who they are!

We wish you a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous new year!


Photography: Noni Carroll

AWO and Song Company in the house!

Welcome Australian World Orchestra members, as chamber ensemble in residence, who arrived into Baradine today from Stuttgart, Vienna, Berlin, Denmark, Paris, Manchester, London and Sydney! Together with the six members of the Song Company and pianist Ben Burton they lifted the roof of the Baradine Memorial Hall with Moorambilla Voices boys and girls regional choir. Straight into rehearsals of Elena Kats-Chernin’s Baime’s Ngunnhu, what incredible role models for the children to sing with! Photography Noni Carroll.

Setting up and getting ready!

Moorambilla Voices are in residence in beautiful Baradine and the sun is coming out! The program relies on a regional network of supervisors, helpers, volunteers, parents to set up, rehearse and get ready for the two massive Gala Concerts in Dubbo. Photography: Noni Carroll.