Seen through a wide lens

Photographer-in-residence Noni Carroll creates stunning photographs to inspire and inform. Her work reflects our rich landscape and stories, providing an ongoing touchstone for the creation of the dance, music and percussive elements of the Moorambilla program. After the immersion at Mount Grenfell, she’s shooting on site in Baradine at the Residential Camps and shares some of her favourite shots so far.

233 Moorambilla Residency Camp, Aug, 2016_Noni Carroll

“Being the photographer in residence means that my shots are instrumental in the creation of choreography and new Australian music for this program,” says Noni. “That’s a pretty exciting role to take on! The writhing tree I shot in the creek bed has become a particularly strong metaphor for both the composer Josephine Gibson and choreographer Jacob Williams to use in their art forms.”

Mount Grenfell is such a powerful visual place in many, many ways,” says Noni. “The highly textured rocks and stones presented me with a really organic palette.

“The texture was incredible and everywhere I looked – on the ancient rocks, on the trees and event on the ground. One day I found a correlation between ant holes and bullet holes in a rusted car door.”

Mt Grenfell-00160 April 22, 2016_Mt Grenfell-00909 April 22, 2016_

“I’ve really enjoyed recently experimenting with night light photography on the project. With the regional photographer intern Justin Welsh we light-painted to create the Moorambilla sign on the side of the woolshed (above) and I’ve also been light-painting here in the Goorianawa Valley near Baradine.”

untitled shoot-00086 August 16, 2016_

untitled shoot-00153 August 16, 2016_

“In Baradine, I shoot among the children while they dance, sing, make lanterns and work with the artists. These shots will are really important to feed the blog and social media to keep everyone up to date, and then they will be the heroes for the Gala Concert Program.”

1003 Moorambilla Residency Camp, Aug, 2016_Noni Carroll970 Moorambilla Residency Camp, Aug, 2016_Noni Carroll

Noni Carroll uses a Canon 5D MarkIII with a variety of lenses, to capture the many varied situations of Moorambilla and beyond!


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