Moorambilla 2015 10th Gala Concert Program

The Moorambilla 2015 concert program is packed full of information about the concerts this year – including notes from the Artistic Director, the Narran Lakes creation story, the artists, composers, musicians and all the children. 


MP_2015_int_LR_singles2 MP_2015_int_LR_singles3 MP_2015_int_LR_singles4 MP_2015_int_LR_singles5 MP_2015_int_LR_singles6 MP_2015_int_LR_singles7 MP_2015_int_LR_singles8 MP_2015_int_LR_singles9 MP_2015_int_LR_singles10 MP_2015_int_LR_singles11 MP_2015_int_LR_singles12 MP_2015_int_LR_singles13 MP_2015_int_LR_singles14 MP_2015_int_LR_singles15 MP_2015_int_LR_singles16 MP_2015_int_LR_singles17 MP_2015_int_LR_singles18 MP_2015_int_LR_singles19 MP_2015_int_LR_singles20 MP_2015_int_LR_singles21 MP_2015_int_LR_singles22 MP_2015_int_LR_singles23 MP_2015_int_LR_singles24 MP_2015_int_LR_singles25 MP_2015_int_LR_singles26 MP_2015_int_LR_singles27 MP_2015_int_LR_singles28 MP_2015_int_LR_singles29 MP_2015_int_LR_singles30 MP_2015_int_LR_singles31 MP_2015_int_LR_singles32


Full page photography: Noni Carroll
Backdrop artwork details:
Frank Wright
Graphic design:
Tracy Loughlin
Michelle Leonard, Andrew Howes, Jacob Williams, Alice Chance, Lliane Clarke,
Clive Birch, Anton Lock.
Incidental photography:
Lliane Clarke, Liz Cutts, Amanda Wheeler
Proof reader:
Joshua Taylor  













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