Impact and integrity lead Narran Lakes immersion tour

As a new initiative for our special tenth anniversary program, Artistic Director Michelle Leonard will lead her team of Moorambilla artists to Narran Lakes for an artistic and cultural immersion.


This team includes young composers Alice Chance and Andrew Howes, TaikOz senior artist Anton Lock, Jacob Williams of Queensland Ballet, Walgett artist Frank Wright, photographer Noni Carroll and regional youth leader Justin Welsh.



Narran Lakes is an important wetland and wildlife sanctuary, an oasis amidst the vast dry plains of northwestern New South Wales, usually closed to the public. It is also a place of immense cultural and spiritual significance for many Indigenous people: it continues to be a traditional meeting place, features significant archaeological sites such as middens and scar trees, and is the site of many Dreaming stories.


8.Jacob 4


The immersion will be facilitated by Gamilaroi elder Aunty Brenda McBride and Rhonda Ashby of the Lightning Ridge Language Nest – both important holders of cultural knowledge. Our artists will hear their stories and learn from them about this unique landscape. They will then use this experience and knowledge as the inspiration for new works commissioned by Moorambilla Voices for this year’s program. By providing our artists with this incredible opportunity to work in situ, we are confident they will create new Australian music that meaningfully reflects and authentically engages the landscape, its people and their stories.

MIchelle:JW Walgett

Moorambilla Voices receives support from Arts NSW and the Federal Government through Indigenous Culture Support.



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