Beyond Bourke

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From Artistic Director Moorambilla Voices Michelle Leonard: “Heading out to Brewarrina and Bourke, we are overjoyed to be connecting with our friends and the wonderful children who are so keen to give Moorambilla Voices a go. I’ve been seeing children from stages 2 and 3 and into High School for this workshop skills tour – there is so much talent in this region.

“Justin Welsh is a great part of the team this year, and his ability to connect and encourage the young children, who can often be shy or reluctant to give it a go, is impressive. We used some fabulous African drums and beat boxing to get the kids to think about rhythm.

MIchelle:JW Walgett Music Stave

“Moorambilla is about providing positive shared experiences, building enduring relationships and promoting cultural awareness and understanding within this region – including the incredible Indigenous culture.

Coonamble Public

Workshop at Coonamble Primary School.

St Joseph Primary Walgett

Workshop at St Joseph’s Primary School in Walgett.

“The remoteness of the region has huge challenges for creative education, and most children rarely get access to music or creative opportunities. Just coming together to play music or experiment is a big change in their daily lives; they just don’t get to do that. You can see how quiet it is when we can even lie down on the road! We were excited to workshop with children from the Walgett Bourke School of Distance Education. I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate.

Bouket Walgett School of Distance Ed

Workshop via satellite at Walgett Bourke School of Distance Education.

“Many of the schools are struggling to build programs as the staff turnover out here is high – and that’s where the consistency of the Moorambilla program is so important – we’ve been coming here for nine years this year!

J Walgett

Orana Heights Primary Dubbo

Workshop at Orana Heights Primary in Dubbo.

“I love going to Brewarrina – where we headed out to a workshop at the fish traps on the Darling River – Baiame’s Ngunnhu. They are beautiful and inspired our Moorambilla composer Elena Kats-Chernin to write a stunning suite. Read more about them here:

Fish traps 2 Fish traps 3 Fish traps

“We’re now on the way to Cobar, which is a centre for kids from all over this far and remote region. It’s been raining a lot and we watched some incredible storms roll into Bourke! Which is unusual for us as we are normally fighting the sun and dust!”

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photo 1

Annie Berrell gets creative and takes these stunning shots of a storm brewing over the Bourke Riverside Motel.

Overall our Workshop Skills Tour will cover over 70 schools in 42 towns: Baradine, Bugaldie, Binnaway, Bourke Distance Education, Bourke, Brewarrina, Cassillis, Cobar, Collarenebri, Combara, Coolah, Coonabarabran, Coonamble, Dubbo, Dunedoo, Engonnia, Gilgandra, Girilambone, Goodooga, Gulargambone, Gwabegar, Leadville, Lightning Ridge, Mendooran, Narromine, Neilrex, Nevertire, Nymagee, Nyngan, Pambula, Quambone, Quirindi, Trangie, Walgett, Warren.



In 2014 MOORAMBILLA includes the Regional Residency Camps in Baradine in August and, special for 2014, in September a gala performance and tour across the region, culminating in a recording at the Eugene Goossens Hall at the ABC in Ultimo in Sydney.


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