The 2014 Moorambilla Workshop Skills Tour has hit the road!

Moorambilla Voices is on again! For the ninth year,  Artistic Director Michelle Leonard is travelling across the north-west of NSW, reconnecting with teachers and community members. Find out what happens behind the scenes here as they travel!


Moorambilla Mums Annie Berrell and Dianne Holz and Youth Mentor Justin Welsh are also on the road with Michelle. The workshop skills tour started in Dubbo on March 25 and over the next two and half weeks the team will be travelling to over 60 schools and community centres.


Michelle will be seeing all the children she possibly can, seeking out potential Moorambilla Voices and MAXed OUT participants for this year’s Moorambilla. While we can’t take all the children we see, participation in the workshops brings huge benefits to all the kids who take part – and it fulfills NSW Creative Arts Syllabus Student Outcomes in Performing, Organising Sound and Listening.


This year, MOORAMBILLA includes the Regional Residency Camps in Baradine in August and, special for 2014, in September a gala performance and tour across the region, culminating in a recording at the Eugene Goossens Hall at the ABC in Ultimo in Sydney.


From Artistic Director Michelle Leonard:

I’m really excited to be getting back out here to see all our wonderful Moorambilla Voices and MAXed OUT kids and see how they are getting along.


Our first workshop of this year took place at Macquarie Conservatorium [ with potential MAXed OUT participants. It was fabulous. Even though the group looks small, there are representatives from almost every high school in the area, and they are all very brave and super keen!


I encouraged the children to so some wild musical experimentation as we used the Con’s stunning grand piano. What a superb instrument it its, and how wonderful for the region to have this asset to use. I worked with the children on vocal and physical warm ups – creating an awareness of self, space and inner voice. We were happy to catch up with last year’s tenor soloist Nathan Byron.

So the 2014 Skills Workshop Tour is off to a flying start! A gentle rain is setting in, which will put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. Annie Berrell’s place “Midgery” will be glad of some rain! We spent the night with Greg and Vivian at Wheatley’s Food, who make a stunning Lemongrass and Ginger Cordial – it was insanely delicious!


Follow Justin Welsh on tour on Facebook – use the tag #MoorambillaTour2014 and you will find him!  Check out all the information on the Moorambilla and the Moorambilla Voices Facebook page

If you need to contact the team, call Annie Berrell 0428 562 665, Michelle Leonard 0412 333 579 or Di Holz 0437 290 736.


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